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SFMTA will be hiring many staff members in the coming year. If you are interested in applying for a vacancy, here are some tips on how to navigate a process that can be callous and alienating.

The great thing about SFMTA is that…


Selfish people can game the system and block competition. Here’s how the city could ward them off.

Ice cream brings people together — at least that’s how it’s supposed to be. In San Francisco, a single person with a single filing can gum up the works. (Photo: Rachel Claire/Pexels)

Recently I was sad to learn that Jason Yu gave up on opening a dessert shop in San Francisco’s Mission district, after 22 months of struggle to get city approvals. …

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Federal & State Offices

— US President & Vice President: Joe Biden/Kamala Harris
— US House, CA-12: Nancy Pelosi
— US House, CA-14: Jackie Speier
— California State Senate, 9th District: Nancy Skinner
— California State Senate, 11th District: Scott Wiener
— California State Senate, 15th District: Steve Cortese
— California…

tl;dr Take our District 2 slow streets survey and tell the SFMTA what streets you want to be slow and safer for people in your neighborhood!

During shelter in place, SFMTA has started converting some streets to slow streets. People outside are asked to distance from others, but the sidewalks…

(Part of my March 3, 2020 voter guide)

California Proposition 13: Yes

Prop 13 2020 (not to be confused with Prop 13 1978) is a bond for public education facilities. This includes K-12 public schools and the public postsecondary system of community colleges, California State University (CSU) system and University of California (UC) system.

  • Seat 1: Pang Ly
  • Seat 18: Dorothy Chou Proudfoot
  • Seat 21: Kulvindar “Rani” Singh

This is part of my voter guide for the March 3, 2020 elections in San Francisco.

(Disclaimer: As a candidate myself, I have met some of these judicial candidates. …

(Disclaimer: I’m running for this office and I’m endorsing myself and the folks on my slate.)

This is part of my March 3, 2020 San Francisco election voter guide.

Who’s on the Mobilize Slate?

I support the Mobilize Slate. In the order that they appear on the ballot:

— San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee…

This is part of my voter guide for the March 3, 2020 San Francisco election.

I will preface my choice with a few observations:

  1. I will support whichever candidate becomes the nominee as I think any of them are better than having Donald Trump in office.
  2. I think the candidates…

This is focused on San Francisco, but also calls out some regional and state races. Endorsements and some explanations are forthcoming.

This will be expanded into a voter guide with more links, coming soon.

Here’s how to register to vote, and how to vote.

Democratic Party Contests

Democratic Nominee, President of the…

How to register to vote, where to vote, and when to vote.

How to vote

  1. Vote by mail. Your mail-in ballot must must go out in the mail by Election Day. For example, if your mail is normally picked up at 5pm, and you drop off your ballot in the mailbox at 7pm…

Mike Chen

I write about San Francisco housing, transportation, politics.

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